Unruly Aliens Threatened by City Government

The City Government of Dumaguete City, have recently gathered to discuss the different occurrences regarding the behavior of foreign visitors and guests in the city. Officials of the city are prepared not only to penalize foreign lawbreakers but to expel them from the city and even the country.

Misbehaving Aliens in Dumaguete City

According to the Philippine law, foreigners are officially called as “aliens”. Over the past few years, and even months, different complaints have been reported over some misbehaving foreign visitors in the city. Just in the first week of January 2018, a drunk Swedish guy was questioned for drinking in public and kicking a dog walked by two locals along the Rizal Boulevard. Later on, a Former Dumaguete Expat was arrested for sexual child abuse.

Other misbehaving foreigners tend to go and venture the city’s nightlife with their much younger companions (minor local women). Other visitors come and curse at law enforcers such as traffic enforcers, tourist police, and security guards.

Dumaguete City Council – Making a Move

Councilors of the Dumaguete City Council Michael Bandal, Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, and Lilani Ramon, and Alan Gel Cordova are encouraging the city to know its power over the “misbehaving aliens”. The Discipline Zone in Dumaguete City will not only be for locals but for foreigners as well.

According to Councilor Cordova, they must always abide by the rules and must not behave like royalty. Since they are guests here, they must at least follow our way of processing the law.

Most Filipinos who visit abroad or other countries try their best to behave and adjust to the foreign law of the different countries they visit. Hence, guests or “aliens” must not take advantage of the City of Gentle People’s kindness.

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2 thoughts on “Unruly Aliens Threatened by City Government

  • 15. March 2018 at 18:09

    I am a witnessed to an arrogant foreigner while my wife and I where in line to pay for our grocery in Hypermart. This white guy was berrating his brother in law in front of everybody calling him names. Finally I have to intercede and threaten to have him deported if he continue to be disrespectful to the Filipino. I put him in his right place as everybody was applauding with what I did. We have to stand up to this unruly visitors. Sometimes our nature of being timid made them think that they are better than us.

  • 15. July 2018 at 17:59

    One must feel sorrow and anger after reading “Apo Long’s” comments about the lies from American Jews and Americans who started all these lies and wars worldwide. His comments show a very racist anti-American slant and is not helpful to the discussion. As an American, I have seen bad behavior on many ex pats of many nationalities. As a German I have seen the same und Ich schame mich besonders daruber. However, I have seen overall tremendous good behavior by the great majority of foreigners and the impact foreigners have had on Filipinos lives and economies. How’s that song go? We didn’t start the fire,” “The world’s been burning as long as the world’s been turning.” All of us Foreigners should try to uplift all discussions rather than slinging mud.


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