Bullet scam reaches Dumaguete

Canadian and Filipina couple claimed to be victims of the bullet scam after the checking their baggage and possessions in the Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport. The couple was trying to catch their flight to Cebu last Thursday, January 7, when the x-ray scanners found a .22 caliber magnum revolver bullet was inserted in their sling bag.

what is bullet scam?

The bullet scam, locally known as “tanim-bala”, was first known in the Luzon area especially in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after a few cases were being confirmed of the said incident. This is serious case wherein bullets are sneaked in the luggage of the passengers during the x-ray scanning of their luggage.

The couple, Dale Elder and his wife Nelly Grafe, was brought directly to the Office of the Transportation and Security (OTS) of the Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport for confirmation of the incident. The couple, however, escaped from the guards of the OTS a few minutes after being brought in.

tanim-bala” scam or not?

Inspector Melvin Atacador, Aviation head of Dumaguete, said that they will be running a ballistic test on the bullets that were found before they could turn a case against this couple. OTS supervisor, Velma Bajamunde, also confirmed that nobody touched the bag of the couple while the x-ray was conducted except for the owner themselves.

CCTV footage and two x-ray results were the best proof of the said “tanim-bala” scam. NBI Dumaguete district head, Dominador Cimafranca confirmed that the Thursday incident was the first here in Dumaguete. He, however, denied that the couple was victims of the “tanim-bala” and will continue to investigate for further information.

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