Massage and Spa

Massage and Spa in Dumaguete City-Negros Oriental

The body is made out of fat, bones, water, muscle and gas. Our body can be easily stressed and ill if the composition is not properly balanced. Having a massage or a spa can help regenerate one’s body and soul. To refresh the body and the mind with the fine arts of relaxation.

Body and Sole Spa

Address: 2nd Floor Azur Bldg.
EJ. Blanco Drive, Daro, Dumaguete
Phone: (035) 422 9042

Bristol Massage and Spa

Address: 2nd Floor D n J Bldg.
Dr. V. Locsin Street, Dumaguete
Phone: (035) 421 2589; 0917 640 0235
(Also offers Salon services in
Bristol Salon, Katada Street)

Fangsong Massage Spa

Address: 2nd Floor Julinda Bldg.
South Road Calindagan, Dumaguete
Phone: 422-9502; 09062445737

Grand Royal Spa

Address: (1st branch) 2nd Floor R.M. Mercado Building
East Roviro Dr. Corner National Rd and
(2nd branch)Dr. V. Locsin Street, Dumaguete
Phone: 0935 255 4364

Jade Spa and Massage

Address: Real Street, Dumaguete
Phone: (035) 226 3688

Lotus Massage and Spa

Address: San Jose Street
Corner Sta. Catalina Street, Dumaguete
Phone: (035) 422 6101

ONL Spa and Salon Services

Address: Perdices Street,
Dumaguete City
Phone: 422 9884
(Also offers Salon Services
and Korean Cosmetics)

Royal Thai Massage

Address: San Jose Street,
Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 421 0325; 0935 421 0325

Too tired or stressed? Worry no more with the selection of relaxing Massage and Spa here in Dumaguete City. Give your body a day off with a reward of a foot massage, body massage, facial or cleansing! The body is delicate and precious, but it is in the soul which makes it a treasure.