Hardware Shops and Supplies

A broken door, shelf, or even faucet can make your day gloomy. It is always good to know where the hardware stores are located in Dumaguete City. Knowing where the hardware stores will always come in handy. It could help you in the future or it could help your friend. Check below for the list of some hardware stores in Dumaguete City.

Hardware Shops and Supplies in Dumaguete

Citi Hardware

Address: Fronting Dumaguete Cockpit,
Perdices Streets, Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 226 1178
Hours: 8AM-7AM

Dumaguete YY Trading

Address: Real Street corner
Pinili Street, Dumaguete
Phone: (035) 225 0558

Dgte. Omega Store

Address: Perdices Street,
Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 225 0429

Golden Rule Store

Address: 357 Maria Cristina Street,
Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 255 4392
Hours: 8AM-5:30PM

Handyman Do It Best

Address: 2nd Floor Robinsons Place Dumaguete,
Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 421 1693
(Also has another branch at
Perdices Street, near Lee Super Plaza
Handyman contact: (035) 421 1748)

JB Marketing Inc.

Address: G/F Sesyl Bldg., Dr. V.
Locsin Street, Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 225 3812

LKC General Merchandise

Address: National Road,
Fronting Robinsons Place Dumaguete,
beside Bread Camp
Phone: (035) 422 2900

Rejoice Hardware

Address: Cervantes Street,
Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 422 5555
Hours: 8:30AM-5:30AM

Robinsons Builders

Address: North Road,
Dumaguete City
(few meters right of
Cang’s Inc. in Daro)
Phone: (035) 421 5121

Uymatiao Trading Corporation

Address: Dr. V. Locsin Street corner
Perdices Street, Dumaguete City
Phone: (035) 422 9999
Hours: 9AM-6PM

Pick up a nail, hammer, and measuring tape. Get your things going with the right tools and the right equipment. Other local hardware shops are available throughout the city center and other shopping centers.