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Man Harassing Students Around Dumaguete City

Written by: Pia Villareal

A man is roaming near the Silliman areas to harass students yet again. A month ago, a news article came out of a man harassing a student who was about to enter a coffee shop. The man was detained for hours according to police but was let go since no one came to make a formal complaint. The student was able to record the encounter on camera thus the man in question is identifiable to the public. Via the article written on the incident, it is also known that the man’s name is Basilio Reboton.

Harassing Students

Basilio Reboto has at this point harassed multiple women, following them around and getting near them. He tries to talk to them, acts as a parking boy, or straight up knocks on their car doors. He is often seen in places near Silliman like the roads around Silliman University Medical Center, or around Portal. However, he is most frequently seen along Katada Street. The street that houses Fish 153, Top Hits, Rolling Pin, and Opeñas among others. Aside from housing popular eating and hangout spots, this street leads to Hibbard Avenue which is right in the middle of Silliman gates. These gates lead to various Silliman campuses including the elementary campus. This means that this area is often frequented by students of all ages, ranging from college to high school, to elementary. It does not have to be said that this is a danger for the public and the longer Reboton is left without facing any of the consequences for what he has already done the more he will continue to do them.

Silliman students in particular have been very alarmed and are on their guard for a possible encounter with the man considering his frequent whereabouts. The public has been crying out on social media for authorities to do something about this man for the protection of the students and Dumagueteños in general. If this man continues to roam around freely, he will have more opportunities to harass and harm passersby. This is no light matter and should be dealt with at once for the sake of the public’s safety.

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