I Park like an Idiot in Dumaguete City

Some youth of Dumaguete City finds it very frustrating to find out how normal people park around the city. The most frustrating and irritating part of this is that people of Dumaguete tends to park in front of the “No Parking” signs and other areas where vehicles are not meant to be parked.

According to Denniz Futalan, who‘s the photographer and administrator of the Facebook group “I Park like an Idiot in Dumaguete City”, the start of this social movement was to help educate motorist and drivers on the rules and regulations of the city.

I Park like an Idiot in Dumaguete City

The “I Park like an Idiot in Dumaguete City” is a new Facebook group wherein people could post on how the different people of Dumaguete can be so foolish when it comes to parking. This group has almost over three thousand nine hundred active members (3, 941 members to be exact) at the moment.

Educating the public

The “I Park like an Idiot in Dumaguete City” is considered as a Public Group, therefore, one can choose to join the fun and start educating these careless drivers.

According to Denniz Futalan, one of the main causes of traffics here in the city is due to the lack of knowledge of parking rules and regulations. Therefore to help the people of Dumaguete, especially drivers, the youth society are sending flayers and cards to inform drivers on how to properly park.

After a few days of extreme hard work, people are slowly getting the message of these youth society.

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Daisy Barredo

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