Former Dumaguete Expat arrested for Sexual Child Abuse

Leif Rothe (a.k.a Sunny Delgado) is from Frankfurt am Main (Germany). He lived in Dumaguete for several years. “Sunny” always liked to surround himself with young teenage girls in photos. After moving from Dumaguete to Cebu in 2017, he founded a non-profit organization claiming to help poor street-children in the Philippines. Recently he traveled to his hometown, Frankfurt  to take care of “business”. In February he wanted to go back to the Philippines to continue his doubtful activities.

Leif Rothe - Former Dumaguete Expat arrested for Sexual Child Abuse
Leif Rothe a.k.a Sunny – CEO of “Home for Girls Sunny Life “

Frankfurt – Leif Rothe (52), family man (one child) from Frankfurt was presented to the magistrate. The offense: Arranging and preparing of serious sexual abuse of children. According to investigative sources, the Prosecutor General’s Office received information from the US authorities. Currently, Mr. Rothe is in custody.

Organizing severe sexual abuse of children

The Attorney General Frankfurt had Leif Rothe arrested in his apartment on Tuesday January 16, 2018.  According to several sources, he planned and arrange to have sex with girls (nine to twelve years old) in the Philippines. He already wanted to get back to the Philippines in February 2018 after his short trip to Germany.

But investigators had been on his trail for some time. Now the suspicions hardened. Through messenger services, he had contacted people around the girls, he offered just under 500 Euro for the sex per child.

At noon on Tuesday, the judge of the District Court of the German town of Giessen sent him into custody. Attorney Georg Ungefuk:

In addition, the accused is suspected of having procured over 1900 child pornographic image and video files, the most serious forms of sexual abuse of children, using e-mail services.”

Home for Girls or Home for Sexual Child Abuse?

Allegedly, Leif “Sunny” Rothe was the Chair Person of a non-profit organization “HomeforGirls – Sunnylife”. The association founded by Rothe claims to street children in the Philippines. He should also have made the contacts to the children and the interested parties via this association. The website of the organization has been taken down immediately.

The authorities confiscated computers and hard-drives of “Sunny Delgado” who was living for many years in Dumaguete City. During this time he also trained female Soccer Teams of various Dumaguete High Schools and Colleges. On his Facebook profile, the 52-year-old likes to appear in the midst of young teenage girls. He specifies as a workplace “HomeforGirls -Sunnylife” – a serious association that wants to help street children in the Philippines. He is said to have taken up contacts with young people under the guise of charitable work in Dumaguete until last year, before he moved to Cebu to continue his “charity work” on a bigger scale.

“Live-In” Partner in Leyte arrested

In connection to the arrest of Rothe the Officials in the City of Baybay raided a property which allegedly is connected with the German “Sunnyboy”. Computers and hard-drives were taken and are analyzed. Also arrested was a woman which is said to be his “Live-In” partner, according to the local community in Baybay. If she is involved in the sex-ring is at the moment not verified.

We want to thank the German and US authorities for their good work and hope that more people like that get what they deserve.

information source: Bild Germany
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