SAFE election in Dumaguete

The launching of the secure and fair election (SAFE) is one of the many activities organized by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Dumaguete City. This was established by the police department to secure the proper and important regulations of election.

What is SAFE?

Secure and fair election is a program that is made to prevent further misunderstanding during the election. This is also in hopes that might affect the synchronized national and local elections on May 9.

Flyers on the loose

The head of the Philippine National Police (PNP), OIC police Chief Supt. Jovito Atanacio, has personally handed out flyers of the regulations of do’s and don’ts for the upcoming 2016 Election.

During last Thursday afternoon, Supt. Jovito Atanacio along with other police officers distributed about 150 of the said do’s and don’ts flyers. They also gave away their hotline numbers in effort to promote the safe and fair election (SAFE) 2016.

In order to attract more citizens of the launching, the police officers distributed their dos and don’ts flyers in the more populated areas (such as downtown of Lee Super Plaza, sea port, Robinson’s Place Dumaguete shopping mall, public market and more).

Another way to keep the election a “safe/secure and fair zone” is the implementation of the Gun Ban, which was launched about 3 months ago. The Gun Ban or Comelec Checkpoint will also be made in surprise to catch the citizens off guard.

One can personally inquire the police department via the given PNP number below:

09179330022 (Globe/ TM)
09227676444 (Sun Cellular)
09292006999 (Smart). 

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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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