Seeking Justice for Slain Farmers in Negros Oriental

Four farmers were shot dead morning of February 21, 2018, while harvesting sugarcanes covered by Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Families mourn and seeks for justice over their dead relatives.

Man and Women Down – Death of Sugarcane Farmers

Four farmers, three of which are female, were shot dead while harvesting in a sugarcanes covered by CARP in the municipality of Siaton, Negros Oriental.

The slain farmers were identified as Jessebel Amantillo Abayle (34 years old), Carmelina Garingo Amantillo (57 years old), Consolacion Esparcia Cadevida (66 years old) and Felimon Torres Molero (66 years old). The first three mentioned are residents of Sitio Bondo, Barangay Napacao in Siaton while Molero is a resident of Sitio Salngan, Barangay Mayabon in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental.

Another farmer who was in the shooting incident received gunshot attacks but survived. He was identified as Lito Prudencia de Jesus, a 28 years old living in Barangay Mantiquil in Siaton.

Suspects Arrested – Still Seeking Justice

According to the Police Chief of Siaton Insp. Rafael Serion, the shooting was made by suspected security guards of the estate which was owned by Don Gaspar Vicente. Five suspects were immediately arrested. All of which were security guards of the estate assigned to guard the property that day.

They were identified as certain Roswil Cero Antanoy (29), Edilberto Torres Pancho (41), Reynante Baylon Rubia (36), Nelcher Abril Abordo (24), and Jason Torres Ramos (31). All were detained in the Hall of Justice.

The families of the shot farmers asked police authorities for justice over their dead relatives.

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