Towing & Clamping Ordinance for City Discipline Zone

In coordination with the implemented Discipline Zone in Dumaguete City, Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” has requested the towing & clamping ordinance. Councilor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino now bares with the proposal of the towing and clamping ordinance while processing it on the second reading and then hopefully be approved by City Council for fast implementation.

Towing & Clamping Ordinance

According to the official Dumaguete City website, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo is inclined to use towing trucks than clamping the vehicles that are illegally parked because once the automobile is immobilized, it will remain an obstruction in the streets. But like in most likely that the equipment for towing and clamping will be used for the said activities for disciplining the public.

For the meantime, traffic officers and traffic enforcers can only penalize violators by giving tickets and corresponding penalties. Once the towing and clamping ordinance starts its implementation, traffic enforcers will have the authorization to give proper penalties for the violators.

Boosting Discipline Zone in Negros Oriental

The municipality of Sibulan is also said to conduct similar projects of the Disciple Zone to clear the highways going to the Airport and the so-called “tampi” or seaport. With summer just starting in the country, more visitors and travels floods Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental every day. Implementing the Disciple Zone will keep the National Highway free and easily accessible to and from Dumaguete City.

LTO Give and Gain

The newly assigned LTO (Land Transportation Officer) District Chief Alberta Janine F. Lawas and her office have shown their support by working closely with the other traffic enforcers and government officials in support for the Discipline Zone in the City. As a reward for the support and service of the LTO, the city government may give a piece of land where the permanent office, impounding area and track for practical tests of drivers applying for licenses shall be located in the new government center just like the field offices other national agencies. The new LTO office and compound will be ideally spacious to better serve the clients and secure the impounded vehicles.

Local businessmen are also showing their support with the said Discipline Zone and the Towing & Clamping Ordinance for this will benefit them in the convenience and service experience by their customers.

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