Police Prepares for Tourist Rise in Negros Oriental

The different police forces of Negro Oriental gathered and prepared for the expected Tourist Rise in Negros Oriental; since Boracay will be closed for clean-up and sewage purposes. With Sumilon Island closed for 1 week, the pressure will be high in some time for the tourist police and other bodied authorities to keep the city safe.

Boracay and Sumilon Closed

A massive clean-up will be both held at the top tourist attraction of Boracay and Sumilon Island. Boracay is known worldwide for its white sand beaches and thousands of services on the island. Sumilon Island on the other hand well is known for white sandbar and recreational activities.

Tourist Rice in Negros Oriental

With the expected rise of tourists in Negros Oriental, all 25 police chiefs from all the municipalities of Negros Oriental gathered with Governor Roel Degamo and Police Provincial Director Edwin Portento to discuss the importance of their full cooperation. Police visibility will be expected to be set on the highest cities and downs with well-known attractions such as Dumaguete City, Bais City, Manjuyod, Dauin and Sibulan.

Thriving ‘yung tourism sa province and we need to take care of that. I expect full cooperation from all of you,” Portento told the police chiefs.

And (that) will continue to increase because Boracay will be closed (soon). Naay mga tourist diversions nga moari gyud (there are tourist diversion that will definitely go here in) sa Negros Oriental, because there are tourists who love to go diving, and we have the best diving spots in the world, especially Dauin and Apo Island,” he added.

Boracay will be closed for 6 months starting April 26, 2018 and Sumilon Island will be closed starting April 5. With garbage and sewage systems being the biggest issue of a clean and safe tourist attraction, The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is doing his best to keep tourists safe and happy.

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