Dumaguete Bishop gives post-election reminders

Bishop Julito Cortes of the Diocese of Dumaguete reminded the people that our responsibility as a nation does not stop from voting but also, we have to keep careful watch of the candidates that we have elected and follow through if they could deliver what they promised.

Since the election has already been conducted, Bishop Julito Cortes stated that now is the time to move on, heal, and unite. He also stated that the elected public officials should initiate the healing process and not use their power for vengeance.

“…use their power to be able to unite the people because it is only through unification, through our united effort that there can be peace…”

“Peace is actually the basis for real progress and development that we are looking for.”

The Bishop also calls out to the voters to deepen their reflection if their casted vote had contributed to the credibility of the election.

He also commended Commission on Elections, the teachers who served as Board of Election Inspectors, the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Army, the Diocesan Electoral Board, the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting and others who took part in making the elections as safe as it could be. Considering that Negros Oriental was declared one of the top 10 election watch-list areas in the country, the officials were only able to point out some incidents believed to be election-related.

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Wustin Dy

Wustin Dy

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