Tañon Strait Yields after Protection

Tañon Strait has been one of the main sources of marine harvest area for both the islands of Cebu and Negros. Investment of Php 2 Million have been spent to protect the straight and now pays off with PHP 60 Million more seafood and harvest each season.

Tañon Strait

The Tañon Strait has been one of the main sources of marine consumption and harvest for the two islands (42 towns, cities and municipalities). The strait is also one of the largest and most productive Marine Protected Areas in the Philippines with 63 percent of the country’s coral species and 14 types of dolphins and whales.

Different protection programs have been set to minimize illegal and commercial fishing of marine harvest. Some of these programs and organization include Rare, Oceana, the Tañon Strait Protected Area Office, BFAR, DENR, Provincial Governments (Cebu, Negros Occidental, and Negros Oriental).

According to the Bindoy Mayor Valente Yap, they were able to eliminate blast fishing within five years of partnership with the different organizations. With the help of their Php 2 Million investment, Tañon Strait is well off. In the town of Manjuyod (next to Bindoy) fishermen can earn over Php 500,000 just by growing seaweed as mentioned by Manjuyod Mayor Felix Sy.

 Tañon Strait Protection Heroes

Included in the awards are Jocelyn Moya-Hekrdle, Virgilio Aviso, Renato Buenviaje, and Mariano Sarcol. With the continued collaboration of the different organizations and programs, Tañon Strait will continue to yield in every harvest to come.

“Most heroes are recognized when they die, but Oceana celebrates those who not just live –but actively fight to keep our oceans alive,” said awardee Jocelyn Moya-Hekrdle.

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