Tree Planting gone wrong

The tree planting programs lead by Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) was not successful as it should have been.

Department of Environmental and Natural Resources

The Department of Environmental and Natural Resources is the executive department of the Philippine government who is in charge for all responsibilities of governing and supervising the county’s natural resources by its development, utilization and conservation.

One of the many programs launched by the DENR is the tree planting program.

Thee tree planting program

The tree planting program was aiming for 10 million trees in 10 year. Three hundred (300) seedlings were already planted during the past few years. However, not even one of them survived. Even Mayor Chiquiting said that this failure is due to the location of the seedlings.

The seedlings were planted at the side of the streets along Bacong and Banilad where minimal survival was of course expected. Mayor Chiquiting also said that the cooperation of the barangay was lacking in the program. This is also one of the reasons why the program did not go too well.

The thousand (1000) plus seedlings that was also planted in Siaton did not survive due to the very same reasons. It is estimated that only 50% of the tree planting program came to success for the past few years.

Mayor Chiquiting suggested of seriously taking the tree planting program into action. He also mentioned that tree planting does not mean just planting anywhere .

“Dili kay basta maka tanom lang,” he said in Bisaya in one local fan page as he express the importance of the matter.

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