Kahayag Dance Company to perform at Shaghai Tourism Festival

The Kahayag Dance Company along with the Sidlakan Company (both from Dumaguete City) will be representing the Philippines during the celebration of the Shanghai Tourism Festival from September 9, 2017 to October 6, 2017 in China.

Kahayag Dance Company & Sidlakan Negros Company

After their big success as Grand Champion in Korea during the World Cultural Dance Festival 2015, the Kahayag Dance Company had surely become the pride of Dumaguete in the cultural fields of art. They, along with the Sidlakan Negros Company, will be representing the Philippines for his year’s Shanghai Tourism Festival in China. Composed of 49 dancers and performers, the representatives will be flying to Shanghai, China today. Their stay will be scheduled only from September 7-13.

Traditional and Cultural Dances of the Philippines

The Kahayag Dance Company & Sidlakan Negros Company had their 8 o’clock rehearsal last night at the Sidlakan Negros Village with the courtesy of the Sidlakan Tourism Officers for the venue, sound, and lighting support. Before anything else, the performers and the audience had a heartfelt prayer. After that, the dance was kicked off with their collaborative dance number where five different traditional dances were performed as one. A short speech was given and it back to the final rehearsal of the group with the five individual traditional dances.

Kahayag Dance Company - Dumaguete City - PhilippinesAccording to the speaker last night, the Kahayag Dance Company & Sidlakan Negros Company have received a budget of PHP 1.4 Million for the said event. They would like to extend their gratitude to the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines, Cesar Montano, Dumaguete City, Kabankalan Corporation (for Visa Processing) and to all those who have supported the performers in any way possible.

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