Asian College celebrates College Week

After the 116th Silliman Founder’s Day in August, it’s time for Asian College to kick off September with their public presentations during the College Week celebration. Highlight events include the search for Miss Asian College 2017 and the ASEAN Festival Showdown. Check the Schedule of Activities below and join the celebration.

Asian College (ACSAT Dumaguete) - College Week - Schedule of activitiesAsian College

The private learning center was founded back in 1972 by a couple name Dr. Constancio A. Sia and Gloria Durano Sia with the school’s name: Asian Institute of Electronics (AIE). The couple worked in a factory for stereos (where they were known to be in high demand) in the 1970s. Skilled personnel and workers were being searched for the company, and that’s when Dr. Sia and his wife decided to have a training and learning center for technical and vocational courses.

Asian College History

A year after it was founded, AIE expanded their training center in Cubao, Quezon City with about 300 students. It was not until 1991 when the AIE was built in Dumaguete City. Since then, the continues rise of improvement were clearly seen for both the students and the institution. Different awards won by the school includes: National Championship (electronics division) in the National Youth Skills Olympics, National Capital Region Championship (electronics division), Rotary Club award for outstanding community service, and Champion in the Computer Servicing Category in the Metro Manila Youth Skills Olympics.

After a couple of years, AIE’s name was changed to Asian College of Science and Technology (ACSAT). In 2012 the name was changed to a shorter name we know today as ‘Asian College’ reasoning that the institute does not only devote educating the special fields of science and technology but of business and management as well. Despite the different name changes, the institute is true to its heart in “Developing Leaders in IT and Management”.


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