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BINHI Youth Camp 2015

This last November 26-29 have been some busy days for the twenty-nine college students leaders from different colleges and universities of the  Negros Island as they learn the importance of the development of energy and reforestation to create a healthier and more suitable  environment  that fight against climate change. The Energy Development Corporation or EDC made all this possible as they held their Second BINHI Youth Camp in Valencia, Negros Oriental.

BINHI Youth Camp

EDC’s Disaster and Crisis Chief, Dr. Ted Esguerra, made sure that these students in camp would learn various disaster preparations and self-defense skills on the first day of the camp.  With lots to do and learn all twenty-nine college students made their important notes and details throughout the camp.

A lot of the EDC’s 2014 BINHI Youth Camp participants have also volunteered as the new “big brothers” and “big sisters” of this year’s camp. The big brothers and sisters served as their guide throughout the life-changing experience that has made them into the BINHI Champions they are of today.

With the information and realizations they have learned, they too have spread the correct information regarding the renewable energy and the importance of the environment towards our daily life.

After the camp these student leaders have been sent to their respective schools and communities in order for them to fulfill their development of reforestation. Native trees and other plants were positioned in the soil.

The Energy Development Corporation hopes to gain a great number of BINHI Champions though the incoming student leader to help spread the importance of trees.

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