Blue Water Phenomenon in Blue River of Dauin

The Masaplod River (also known as the Blue River) located in the municipality of Dauin, Negros Oriental have caught the attention of PHILVOCS (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) due to its unusual occurrences including the Blue Water Phenomenon.

What is a Blue Water Phenomenon?

According to Marc Edwards, Sara Jacobs and Russell J. Taylor, blue water, a rare problem that occurs in relatively high pH drinking water. This work synthesizes information about initiation factors, remedial measures, and theories. Although chlorine is an effective remedial measure, little is known for certain about factors that initiate or propagate blue water.”

PHILVOCS studies the Blue River

As concerns continue to rise, Dauin Mayor Neil Credo and other government officials have agreed to request a study of the occurrence. The PHILVOCS team along with the Chemistry Department of Silliman University and the (Negros Oriental State University) NORSU’s Department of Physics and Geology in Dumaguete City, conducted their study activity starting last February 28 and concluded on March 2, 2018.

Some pointers such as the cause and effects of the blue water phenomenon, its impacts on humans, and environmental implications are some of the questions expected to be answered out of the study. The universities have made their partial conclusions of the so called unusual activity of the water, however, government officials are still waiting for the final results from PHILVOCS.

Mag-aso Cave & Geothermal in Valencia – Cause of Blue Water Phenomenon?

According to the Department of Physics of Silliman University, Professor Francisco Ablong Jr., the cause of the occurrence of the so-called “blue river phenomenon” is a kind of volcanic activity happening in Cuernos de Negros which is just normal for a potentially active volcano. Although the chemical that has caused the water of the Masaplod River to turn blue is still being analyzed by the Chemistry Department of Silliman University.

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