Tawo-tawo Festival in Bayawan

Another year has come for all towns’ people of Bayawan to celebrate their merry-making festival called the Tawo-tawo Festival. With fully booked events for the month of February, the celebration of this year’s Tawo-tawo Festival will surely be a blast.

Events and Highlights

The celebration of the Tawo-tawo Festival and the city fiesta are some of the highlights of this event. The showdown and the street dancing for the Tawo-tawo Festival will start at 9:00 a.m. this February 17, 2016. The city fiesta will be held as the closing event of the celebration on the 28th of February.

Tawo-tawo Festival

The Tawo-tawo festival is considered as one of the greatest culture and tradition Bayawan has passed on from generation to generation. It is a festival that showcases how the abundant harvest of crops in Bayawan grew due to the “tawo-tawo” or scare crows. Colorful shades of yellow, orange and green are being use to give and eye-catching and full effect view of the festival.

Other eye-catching events includes the Miss Bayawan beauty pageant, Concelebrated mass at Saint Thomas of Villanueva Parish, and of course the “Larong Pinoy Adlaw sa mga Pot-pot Drivers” (Filipino Games Day of Pot-pot Drivers).  These events will be held on February 17, February 18, and February 28, respectively.

What to do?

To enjoy the celebration of this event, one may ride a Ceres bus and ride for about 3 hours. One may also ride a V-hire (Van hire) and ride for one and a half hour until it reaches the capitol area of Bayawan.

After arriving in the capitol area, one may check in the famous C&L Top View Inn, which gives reasonable prizes for your accommodation. Regular rating for rooms starts from 800 pesos and will have big discounts for early booking.

Other recommended places-to-stay includes Casa Rosario Pension house and Junroses Apartelle. Casa Rosario Pension house is also a warm place to enjoy your stay as you celebrate the Bayawan city fiesta. Their standard non-aircon room starts at 500 pesos. For long term stay in Bayawan, the Junroses Apartelle is a decent place to stay.


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