Residents Fixing Amistad Road in Bagacay

Since many years the two-lane road of Amistad Road near the Taclobo Overflow has been uneven. One still being halfway cemented while the other lane is made up of soil and rocks. Over the years during calamities like typhoon, the road seems to worsen. With this, the community and the residents of the area decided to help each other by fixing the road.

Amistad Road – Start of Road Construction

The residents of Amistad Road decided a week before that they will handle the situation themselves. A meeting was held in one of the households with Engineer Edward (a resident of Amistad Road) and Ms. Dael (a resident as well). A contribution of PHP 250.00 per household was collected by the assigned treasurer. Amount exceeding the minimum contribution was welcomed of course. A small contribution from the Barangay Bagacay Official was given to support the construction, however, the community decided to make the changes themselves.

On September 15, 2018, (today) they gathered at the broken road to start their road construction. The road will be filled with rocks and soil every weekend. With cars and motorcycle passing by every day, the road will be flattened by itself. This method will take weeks; however, it is the cheapest. It also helps the community to bond with each other.

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