Dumaguete on Bird Flu Alert

After the outbreak of the bird flu virus in some parts Pampanga and Nueva Ecija, Dumaguete City is on alert for any incident that could be related to the ongoing flu. Reports have recently dealt with the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Department of Health (DOH) to the casualties of 15 chickens.

Death of Chickens

Some fifteen chickens were killed by uncertain reasons at the backyard poultry of Purok San Lorenzo, Barangay Talay. The Bureau of Animal Industry and the City Agriculturist’s Office immediately inspected the area as well as examined the blood samples of the possible sick and contaminated chickens.

The City Veterinary Officer Dr. Lourdes Socorro also said that in any case of sick and dead chickens a report must be called to authorities. Bird flu is dangerous not only chickens but to human beings as well.

Bird Flu Virus

Bird flu is known by many names including H5N1, avian flu, influenza, and a lot more. It is an adaptive virus to birds and can take parts on human beings. Although a human can be greatly affected, birds are the primary victim to the said virus. Birds such as chicken and ducks are the more prey of virus here in the Philippines.

Where We Stand

Last week, 6,600 ‘balut’ (duck embryo) was buried due to the outbreak of bird flu virus in some parts of the Philippines. According to the DA, at least 600,000 chickens were killed in Pampanga and 550,000 birds in Nueva Ecija for spread prevention.

With the bird flu virus on the run, poultry industries are threatened to either loose or fall with businesses matters. In major turns of events, medical and city facilities will help reduce and prevent the said virus in many awareness posts and campaigns.

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