Dumaguete City

2 Shooting Incident in Dumaguete City

The first shooting incident is reported last Sunday afternoon near the Barangay Hall of Motong, while the second shooting incident was reported at 9 pm near Upper Lukewright of Barangay Poblacion 2. Two killed and two injured, suspects are being identified.

First Shooting Incident

The first shooting incident killed a certain Guillermo Fernandez Awil, 59 years old, who resides in Purok 6 of Barangay Batinguel. He was on his way home from an illegal gambling near Pulantubig when they were closely followed by men, investigators suspected co-gamblers, wearing bonnets and raincoats. His son survived but was badly bruised from the fall of the motorcycle.

Second Shooting Incident

The second Incident, on the other hand, killed a certain 30 years old Andy Zagaryaga with multiple gunshot wounds. Andy Zagaryaga was an interesting person with a series of snatching and robbery incidents all over the city. This includes the recent snatching and stabbing of a call center agent. Zagaryaga’s neighbors agreed for knowing him as a thief in their area.

Deputy chief of police and intelligence officer of the Dumaguete City Senior Insp. Van Joel Tingson said that the two suspects who are in their 20s came looking for Zagaryaga in a rented room of his live-in partner, Cherryl Aba Torres, near the Banica River. Later on, the victim was shot seven times (two in the chest and five in the legs).

During the shooting incident, a stray bullet hit the left leg of a temporary boarder near the house of the shooting incident. She was identified as Rizza Hornillos Daridan a 22 years old. According to the police, she is now out of danger.


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