Operation Smile Philippines – Cleft Palate Operation

There will be free screening and operation for all children with cleft and diformalities here in Dumaguete starting from September 27 – 30, 2017 in the basement of Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital new building. With the approval of the Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo and the Provincial of Negros Oriental Medical Team, Operation Smile will handle the charity surgeries.

Operation Smile Philippines

Since 1982, the Operation Smile Philippines have been helping throughout the different programs which decrease the health concerns of children with cleft problems. Operation Smile Philippines made its first appearance and mission in Naga City of Camarines Sur.

It was founded by Dr. Bill Magee and his wife Kathy Magee along with medical volunteers to give medical support to hundreds of children with diformalities and cleft problems. It was not until August 18, 1988, that the Operation Smile Philippines Foundation, Inc. was registered as a non-profitable organization which manages in bringing a better advocacy to the youth of the Philippines.

Dumaguete City will have their screening and operation starting September 26 (Wednesday). Contact Sol: 0905 443 2974 or Arlene: 0948 457 6604.

Operations Throughout the World

Aside from their free operations here in the Philippines, the Operation Smile is also working their way in bringing a brighter future for children throughout the world. Donations for the organization will be used for the medical materials and for the prescriptions after the surgeries. Operation Smile headquarters is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.

Similar to the advocacy of Operation Smile, Operation Rainbow will be helping cleft children throughout Dumaguete as well.

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