New Homes of Zoo Animals

With the upcoming closure of the Cebu City Zoo, DENR 7 spokesperson Dr. Eddie Llamedo said that the agency is looking for new homes for the zoo animals.  At present, they are initiating talks with some 20 wildlife permit owners in the region, including Michel Lluillier, a pawnshop magnate, who has a theme part and zoo.  Also, some of the birds will be “residents” of an aviary in Amlan, Negros Oriental whose owner has expressed interest to take them in.

The Enforcement Division of the DENR had earlier conducted an investigation on the Cebu City Zoo when they learned that some of the animals were allegedly mishandled and died.  A joint inventory was conducted by the DENR and the Cebu City Government during the weekend which will eventually lead to the reconciliation of the records of both agencies.

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