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Century Old Acacia Trees – Cut or Pruned?

The century old acacia trees in Sibulan are scheduled for cutting and pruning because of the danger it has and may cause to the people. At least three naturally grown acacia are subject for the cutting and pruning by the different related environmental government offices.

Acacia Trees in Negros Oriental

Acacia trees are known to grown all over Negros Oriental. In places both near and far from the city. Dumaguete City for instance is blessed with acacia trees in the Rizal Boulevard. However, due to the “dangerous” old roots and branched the city had to cut then and lay them there as display.

The municipality of Sibulan on the other hand, will be cutting certain acacia trees with in the Poblacion area due to its danger in both property and the public. One of the tree scheduled for cutting stands near the Sibulan Church. Due to it’s size and massiveness, some of the branches made its way to the church posing danger to the life of the public.

Sibulan was granted the permit to cut three century old acacia trees by the national office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) dated February 2018 and was received March 2, 2018 by the mayor’s office with an expiration date of 50 days.

Sibulan senior administrative officer III Iris Indira Requiron-Puspus shared that the mayor will be supporting all the operations and will be behind the preparations for all the worst-case-scenario that may happen.

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