NEVER-Ending Story Part 7: LGU to be Sued for Sanitary Landfill

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) are ready to sue some of the Local Government Unit (LGU) in Negros Oriental for not completing the given law for the establishment of a sanitary landfill in Dumaguete City.

Sanitary Landfill – Recap of Part 1 to 6

The Candau-ay Dumpsite has been one of the many issues that a mayor of Dumaguete faces until today. The NEVER-Ending Story Part 1 of the Sanitary Landfill dated back in 2017 with reliable a TWG (technical working group) for the search of a new sanitary landfill. During the election, in which present Dumaguete Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo won, Ipe Remollo gave different key points in which he promised to solve during his term as mayor. There is no doubt that his ideas for a better city were indeed interesting and some brilliant. However, due to the lack of proper control and awareness, the sanitary landfill is dragged to go on and on.

After ‘finding’ a suitable area for the new sanitary landfill, different contradictions arose like ‘where to find 7.7 Million for Closing Dumpsite,we can’t close the dumpsite, and we need funds for the sanitary landfill.

LGU Sued for Sanitary Landfill

Due to the said lack of control, there are some local government units who have failed to assure the sanitary landfill’s path in the legal way that would abide the law. The complaints are ready for filing against some of these LGU in Negros Oriental. Forester Loreto Revac of the DENR-EMB (Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Environment Management Bureau) will, however, not name the said “some LGU” members who will be soon sent to the Office of the Ombudsman.

After sending repeatedly closure notices to LGU, the DENR-EMB felt the lack of interest in even searching for a new facility where the sanitary landfill may fall.

Residents Protest for their Health

The sanitary landfill is said to be built in the same barangay as the famous Smokey Mountain Dumpsite in Candau-ay. This causes the resident’s urge to protest against such idea. After years of inhaling the toxic smell, and then looking at the heavy sight of overflowing garbage, most of the residents near the dumpsite had enough! That does not even tackle the fact that their health may be at risk.

With so many issues arising in the major issue, the NEVER-Ending Story of the Sanitary Landfill in Dumaguete City will surely be a story that wouldn’t end fast. Stick around for the next chapter…anytime soon.

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