Freedom Run in Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City will be running an extra mile for freedom tomorrow June 09, 2018 at five in the morning at the Promenade near Robinson’s Place Dumaguete Mall. With the growing issues of environmental matters, the Freedom Run will allow the citizens to work hand in hand in celebrating a form of unity and acceptance though running.

Freedom Run

For this running event, the main theme will focus of “Accelerating Environmental Sustainablity Through Citizen Participation”. Freedom Run is an event held every year by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation organization. It is part of the “It’s All about Freedom” campaign that aims to translate individual freedoms to a more innovative and communicable manner. They also promote in their tarpaulins the “I am free to dream” phrase. This greatly involve the motivation in dreaming for a better community and environment.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Friedrich Naumann Foundation is an organization founded in Germany 1958 by Theodor Heuss, the first president of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Freedom Run in Dumaguete City - June 09

Registration Sites:

  • Robinsons Place Dumaguete
  • Derm Corner
    331 Perdices corner San Juan Streets, Dumaguete City (Across Philippine Veterans Bank)
  • The Market Place
    Dumaguete Business Park, Calindagan, Dumaguete City (beside Ceres Bus Terminal)


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