NEVER-Ending Story Part 2: 7.7 Million for Closing Dumpsite

Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo promised to close the illegal dumpsite in barangay Candau-ay that has been running for 30 years. At the total estimated cost of PHP 7.7 Million made by the Technical Working Group (TWG), the attempt of finally closing the dumpsite maybe even possible.

Closing of Candau-ay Dumpsite

Known as the “Smokey Mountain”, the Candau-ay Dumpsite has been operating for 30 years and maybe more. Residents living near the dumpsite have suffered severely in breathing clean fresh air. Back in April 2017, the Dumaguete City Mayor created the TWG (Technical Working Group) to carefully and responsibly find the means to end the dumpsite issue.

Closure at PHP 7.7 Million

The TWG headed by Councilor Manuel Arbon made an estimation for the cost of finally closing the dumpsite in Candau-ay. A cost of PHP 5.8 Million will be spent for reshaping, placement of soil cover materials, compaction, slope stabilization, embankment construction, and vegetation. Another PHP 1.5 Million will be used for creating drainages, leachate pond, monitoring wells and gas vents. On the other hand, PHP 300,000 will be used for fencing and signage and another PHP 150,000 for lighting a guard house and other auxiliaries. (Total of PHP 7,750,000)

Sanitary Landfill & Closure of Dump Site

Aside from the mayor’s promising attempts of closing the Candau-ay dump site, the NEVER-Ending Story of the Sanitary Landfills continues to arise. Months ago, the mayor found and purchased a 3.5-hectare land area for building the promised sanitary landfill. But due to the uncertain doubts of passing the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) sanitary landfill standards and requirements, the mayor had to, unfortunately, announce the possible return of the property.

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