NEVER-Ending Story Part 1: Mayor to Solve Candau-ay Dumpsite Issues

Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo has committed himself to finally closing the Candau-ay Dumpsite and constructing a sanitary landfill with in his term. With the help of Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) and the Technical Working Group (TWG), the mayor is optimistic in his plan to finally close and build a solution for the dumpsite matter.

Candau-ay Dumpsite “Smokey Mountains”

The Candau-ay Dumpsite has been the major location host for the solid wastes of Dumaguete City for 15 years. The dumpsite is dubbed as the “Smokey Mountains” of Dumaguete due to the huge piles of garbage and the awful gases (smoke) it produces.

A Plan for Tomorrow

The closing of the dump site will take about a year as discussed by Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo and his meeting with the different ENRO, TWG, and councilors of Dumaguete City. Other matters that has been discussed during the meeting including site clearing, fencing, and closing; critical slope stabilization; drainage control system; leachate collection system; leachate treatment system; groundwater protection; re-grading and slope benches; gas management system; final soil cover; top cover vegetation; stockpiling of soil materials; preventive landscaping and long-term monitoring and maintenance.

Even with a limited time of a year, the mayor is positive enough to believe in “anything is possible”. The two-new furbished garbage compactor purchased by the mayor last month will also help in maximizing pickups around the city. Nearby residents of Candau-ay are also being briefed about how to SEGREGATE garbage properly to maximize cleanliness around the area.

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