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Governor Macias – Office Rearrangements

The acting Governor of the Negros Oriental region, Mark Macias, has rearranged the Capitol employees who he said deserve better governance. While the sitting Governor of Negros Oriental Roel Degamo remains under his Ombudsman 90-days suspension, he reacts to how his office is being run.

Governor Macias Modifies the Offices

After the announced 90 days suspension of Governor Roel Degamo, sitting Vice-Governor of Negros Oriental Mark Macias was immediately promoted to take charge of the governor’s office for the time being. Mark Macias, also known as Doc Mark, is believed to reshuffle and rearrange the capitol bureaucracy.

Doc Mark said that like his late father Emilio Macias, who was once the Governor of Negros Oriental, he respects the job as governor. After signing the legal papers of his promotion of Vice-Governor to Governor, he vowed that if anything pulls him back to his previous position, then he will gladly obey without hesitations.

Degamo – How is his office?

Despite the suspension of Governor Roel Degamo to sit on his office, this did not stop him from reacting and giving out his concerns on how his office is being run. Degamo is dismayed by the several government employees who were ordered by Governor Macias to return to their mother units.

PHP 10 Million – the start of change

The reason that was filed against Governor Roel Degamo was the PHP 10 Million intelligence fund; which is believed to be unappropriated but already spent. Meanwhile, the PHP 10 Million intelligence fund have kept the line of the capitol buzzing. An order of return by the COA was made. A full PHP 10 Million must be returned.

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