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COMELEC updates for Gun Ban

After the launching of the Gun Ban in Dumaguete, the actions of both provincial and regional has taken immediate effect especially in the police departments like PNP. Even Atty. Lionel Marco R. Castillano ,who is the new designated acting provincial election supervisor of Negros Oriental, has happily congratulated the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Philippine Army for the job well done over the past few weeks of raiding and awareness on the Gun Ban.


Previews issues were already filed weeks before. However, today the Commission of Election or simply COMELEC is proudly presenting and announcing their “catch” of the election period. Checkpoint of the Gun Ban was placed all over for accurate protection and safety of the regulation.

COMELEC announced their “catch” of at least 16 individuals. Eight of these were entitled to regulate the Gun Ban policy with the possession of unauthorized firearms and ammunition, while the rest of the eight individuals were arrested for the possession of bladed weapons.

Atty. Eddie Aba, former Negros Oriental provincial election supervisor, is now assigned to Siquijor for the duration of the election period as Atty. Lionel Marco R. Castillano takes charge of the continuous happening here in Dumaguete.

Records of the police offices have shown that more than 1, 000 loose firearms were detected around the province.

Dumaguete for Watchlist

Issued two months ago was Dumaguete included in the watchlist of the COMELEC. Since COMELEC suspects that Dumaguete will be one of the most rivalry city during election, more checkpoints were place in the area. This month, however, Dumaguete is trying the prove COMELEC’s comment as a wrong statement.

Included in their ways of promoting peace is the “Walk for C.H.A.M.P.”, which will be held tomorrow afternoon. Other towns and municipalities that are recorded includes: Bayawan, Basay, Jimalalud for Category 1; La Libertad, Sta. Catalina, Pamplona, Siation, Canlaon, Tanjay, bains for Category 2; and Guihulngan City for Category 3.

Atty. Castillano also warned of the reshuffling and changing of supervisor of both regional and provincial divisions of COMELEC nationwide.

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