Drug Test – 7 Employees Fired

Seven employees from the City Hall who took the random drug test were found positively under the influence of illegal drugs. Six of these city government employees are job ordered employees while the other one is a regular employee.

Random Drug Test

The City Anti-Drug Abuse Council have allotted an amount of PHP 3.6 Million for the equipment and drug test kits for the 1,700 city government workers (600 of which are regular employees, 600 are job order employees and 500 of which are casual employees).

A group of more than 200 casual, regular and job order employees attended a supposed briefing with Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo in one room last Thursday. The random drug test was held at Building 1 of the public market complex. Upon realizing the situation one of the job order employee (a sweeper who was reported under the influence of alcohol) went for the exit doors. Instead, he was honored to take the first drug test.

The order of departments who will under got the scheduled random drug test went as followed: Office of the mayor employees, Traffic Management Office (TMO) and Risk Disaster Reduction Management Office, Task Force Dumaguete, Police Auxiliary and Rescue 348, public market workers, slaughterhouse, and fish terminal.

Running or Hiding from the Drug Test?

As part of resolving the national problem of illegal drug use and selling, the mayor is very serious in undergoing his city employees through the drug test. After all, the city only wants to achieve the titles as a “drug-free workplace”. Surprisingly, 37 out of the 60 workers in the slaughterhouse section have failed to take the drug test. Reasons for heir absence must be in written form once they ‘return’ to their stations.

Employees who were found positive from the drug test will have to go under rehabilitation at their own expense by an accredited drug testing company. They will also be subject for immediate non-renewal of contracts and expulsion.

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