Faith Tourism by new DOT 7 Director

The newly assigned Department of Tourism in the Central Visayas (DOT 7), Shalimar Hofer Tamano, will be targeting the “faith tourism” project as his first few assignments as the new director of the Central Visayas.

Department of Tourism – New Director

Director Shalimar Hofer Tamano has rendered his services to the Department of Tourism Office for 12 years. He was previously assigned as the legislative liaison officer for the DOT Head Office in Manila. Being assigned as the new director, Tamano is positive to double his time and efforts for his new projects and assignments.

Visits from DOT Secretary

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo is said to visit the different regions of the Central Visayas for a personal and serious meeting with the different board of tourism officers and local government units. As part of the new director’s first assignments, gathering private sectors can be done with the visit of the Tourism Secretary.

The secretary will be visiting the regions more compared to last year. So, we expect her to be here anytime soon. She wants to meet the private sector and talk to them,” said Director Shalimar Tamano

I am humbled by the secretary’s designation as a regional director for Central Visayas. As far as the DOT is concerned, Central Visayas is the biggest, one of DOT’s jewels,” he added.

Sports and Faith Tourism

Aside from the previously mentioned assignments, the director is also aiming for promoting tourism in the Central Visayas through different sporting events and more faith tourism. With the upcoming grand events of the Sinulog Festival 2018 in Cebu, it only fitting to double time the shifts of the sail. The new director will be visiting some regions such as Bohol, Siquijor, and Negros Oriental any time soon.

After the grand event, more religious and faith-connected projects will be set as expected for faith tourism promotions. Clear plans and determined actions must be in-place if tourism in the Central Visayas wants to meet improvements.

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