Foreign visitors join famtour in Davao

Ten international buyers showed their tourism interest during the four-day familiarity tour (famtour) in Davao dated from June 23 to 26. Nationalities joining the tour were: Russian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese. They are all delegates from the Asian Premium Travel Mart (APTM) 2017 held last June 21-22 under the Tourism Promotions Board.

Tourism interests from foreign buyers

The foreign visitors showed their different interest in the tourism of Davao and even of the Philippines. The Malaysian visitor mentioned that he will be thrilled to give other Malaysian clients a new destination for their travels, while the Russian are interested in bonding the tie between trade of goods from Russia and the Philippines. The Chinese were interested in the celebration of the Kadayawan Durian Feast and Festival, while the Indonesian assured the Halal products and readiness in Davao for future marketing.

With the Martial Law being implemented in some parts of Mindanao, the Department of Tourism decided to give other tourism destinations to the visitors. Bohol-Dumaguete and Cebu-Dumaguete tours are being offered to show a little positivity even with the ongoing Martial Law. With the cooperation of the Cebu Pacific flights, these routes are now possible.

During the stay of these foreign visitors, they visited various places in Davao such as Philippine Eagle Foundation Center, Malagos Resort, Pearl Farm, Waterfront Insular, Hijo Plantation Resort, and the hotels of Seda and Marco Polo.

With many interesting stuffs rising up in the air, this famtour could open new doors to trade and more tourism income not only in Davao but in the Philippines as well.

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