Dumaguete City Candidates for 2016 Election

The Government’s Campaign and promotions

This past few months must have been such a burden to our hardworking authorities as they plan for this year’s election. There is no doubt that there will be arguments and disbelief among the voters and the officials like every place in the world. In the end we drink joyfully to the success and the victory to our succeeding/ new government officials and authorities.

Small campaigning such as projects and advocates has been said by running officials through some Medias. If you listen closely enough to some radio, you may find yourself surprised as some government officials slowly promotes their interviews regarding  projects for some future plans to mold our community.

Possible Candidates for the up-coming 2016 election:

Dumaguete City Mayor:

  1. Ablong, William
  2. Generoso, Mercedarius “Dindo” Patrimonio
  3. Maquiling, Woodrow Sr. Saloma
  4. Remollo, Felipe Antonio “Ipe”

Dumaguete City Vice Mayor:

  1. Esmeña, Franklin Jr. Dy
  2. Nelson Awid Layague
  3. Remollo, Antonio “Tony Rems”

Dumaguete City Councilors

  1. Alviola, Estanislao Veloso “Eslao/Stanley”
  2. Arbas, Joe Kenneth Kwan
  3. Arbon, Manuel Rotea
  4. Bana, Isagani Umbac “Gani”
  5. Bandal, Michael Maxino
  6. Banogon, Lionel Pareja]
  7. Belen, Cherrie Mae Bilbao “Chicklet
  8. Catan, Peter Campoy
  9. Cordova, Alan Gel Suela
  10. Dicen, Samuel Dumpor
  11. Elmaco, Leovigildo A.
  12. Imbo, Jose Victor Vicente
  13. Leon, Danilo Teves
  14. Mariano, Maelyne Rose Gangoso
  15. Patrimonio, Manuel Catadman “Nelson”
  16. Perdices, Agustin Miguel Araneta “Tincho”
  17. Sagarbarria, Manuel Jr. Longa “Chako”
  18. Tolentino, Karissa Faye R.
  19. Tuballa, Melissa Erames

Even with the six months before election these possible candidates have been working hard for winning their title. Even with the elections, Dumagueteños will always have a heart to place merry making for the Yuletide season. As of the moment distractions have been placed the secondary priorities as family and friends celebrate the Christmas season with each other.

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Daisy Barredo

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