Dumaguete Carnival 2015

If you find yourself walking towards “Robinsons Place Dumaguete” just before TeleTech, you can surely see a great sight that will surely make your day. Dumaguete Carnival 2015 is filled with exciting rides and fun game booths open for all. Every year as the city fiesta draws nearer the carnival visits the “City of Gentle People” as it is know all over the world.

Due to the ongoing construction of the New City Mall at the original location, the carnival has been moved to an area called Dumaguete Business Park. For visitors not familiar with Dumaguete, just ask the driver or the people around for Robinsons Place Dumaguete and you will see the bright lights of the rides.

This particular carnival usually ends after a few days of the city fiesta celebration. However, set ups of the rides are temporally constructed in Freedom Park for the Christmas holidays. The carnival usually starts to open when the sun sets their last rays of sunlight.

The carnival has a fair price for their admission fee. The sense of excitement and thrill can be felt all around as friends and families roam around and as small children fight their big ball of cotton candy. The sweet smell of delicious food and thirst quenching drinks makes the visit even a more wonderful. All the rides are of course for all young and elderly people of all age.

With the city fiesta and Christmas drawing to a closer start, the carnival surely gives more laughter and joy to start the merry season.

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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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