Barangay Magga Fiesta 2016

.The celebration of the barangay fiesta of Barangay Mangga has both blocked and shocked the streets over the last 3 days. With an early kick off with their triangle banners, the streets of Palinpinon and Libertad are being redecorated.

Barangay Mangga

Barangay Mangga or Poblacion/Barangay 7 is one of the oldest known barangay of Dumaguete City. The term “Mangga” or mango was given to the place due to the bountiful harvest of the said fruit on the area. The barangay is popularly known at present due to the success of one of their festival band called the Banda Mangga.  The Banda Mangga has joined in the series of competition here in Dumaguete City, mainly festival dances.

The Barangay Fiesta

As one of the main celebration of the barangay fiesta, the competition for the title Miss Mangga 2016 pageant will surely catch the eyes of passersby. The event was held in the middle of the streets of Libertad Street just in front of the Santo Niño Chapel of Barangay Mangga.

Other events such as “bayli or party, fiesta eating, and holy masses are being planned for the days this week. One of the events for today is, in fact, the “bayli” or party and fiesta eating. The celebration of the barangay fiesta is not merely for one’s self but with others. Sharing is caring; so they say.

Everyone in Dumaguete City or where else are invited to be at the Santo Niño Chapel for the Holy Mass which will be followed by the fiesta eating. Happy Fiesta and Eating Barangay Mangga!!

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Daisy Barredo

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