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Noreco II’s Power Service Interruption

Noreco II is one of the most popular and most recommended and probably the only power source here in Dumaguete and in Negros Oriental. It is widely known to all Dumagueteños that almost every week, changes are being made around their facilities and establishments. As they make minor corrections, power service interruptions are also being made.

Power Service Interruption

Scheduled for today is a long power service interruption prepared by Dumaguete’s power source, Noreco II. As stated on one of their Facebook fan page, the power service interruption will start from 8:30 am and hopefully end at 5:00 pm. With lots of work on progress, the interruption of power service is greatly needed for the progress of their establishment.

Affected areas of the power service interruption, or commonly known as brownout, includes the barangays of Bagacay, Batinguel, Balugo, Taclobo and some other parts of Dumaguete.

New transformer?

According to Noreco, one of the causes of the power service interruption is due to the installation of the new transformer here in Dumaguete City. Although the mentioning of where the transformer is being installed is not that clear, the matter of a new transformer is worth interrupting the power service line.

In another Facebook page, the cause of the power service interruption is due to the rotten/leaning 3-phase primary poles that will be replaced. Either way, the power service will be interrupted.

The start of the power service interruption will be scheduled at the right time. However, power service might come back either before or after the said time, 5:00 pm.


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