Dumaguete’s solution for traffic

Due to the traffic problems here in Dumaguete City, like everywhere else in the world, Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria suggested that the best solution to this is for the people to share rides.

Sagarbarria told the audience at one of mall in the city during the launching of 2015 Miss Dumaguete candidates that one reason why there is always traffic is because there are so many vehicles on the streets. It has been estimated that Dumaguete has about 10,000 to 15,000 motorcycles on the streets every single day. Not to mention about the four wheeled vehicles, the mayor pointed out.

With fuel practically reduced by half, people are using more vehicles today, Sagarbarria said.

Sagarbarria has also noticed that students have their own motorcycle that contributes to the traffic around the city.

With this Mayor Sagarbarria suggested that neighbors that work in the same area would share a motorcycle to reduce traffic, the same goes to the students. If motorist insists on driving their own vehicle at all times,

“I don’t think we have a solution for the moment; even if additional enforcers are fielded, this will not solve the problem”, he said.

One of the best solutions to the traffic would be the sharing of rides, along with proper driving skills and of course the discipline of the riding public and public in general.

Motorists who don’t have licenses to drive especially underage drivers numbered about 30 to 40 percent. That is why we encourage parents to help in the campaign by prohibiting their under aged children to drive if they don’t have driver’s licenses.


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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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