Two Divers Rescued – Pump Boat Men to be Blamed?

Two foreigners, who went diving last Monday near Apo Island in Dauin, were rescued 9 hours after they were reported missing. Pump boat operator and driver are to be summoned for leaving the divers.

Diving to the Waters

The two foreign divers were identified as Matthew La France and Swayam Rawla. Matthew La France is a 41 years old Canadian diving instructor currently residing at Lipayo Dauin, while Swayam Rawla is 31 years old American (Indian ancestry) advance diver who was staying at Dumaguete Spring Hotel in Dauin.

The two have claimed to strictly instruct the dive instructor of Dumaguete Divers dotcom to pick them up where they were dropped off. But after their dive, they resurfaced and didn’t find the boat. They tried to swim but the strong currents drifted them away; all they did was wait instead. Luckily when a ship was in sight they blew their whistles and cried out for help.

Rescued Out of Water

A M/V Fortune Gold cargo ship was on their way to Iloilo City when one of their crew member heard cries. The captain immediately instructed the two divers to be on board. The rescued divers were back in Dumaguete the following day past midnight; around 2:45 am. Ricare Hibalay, captain of the cargo ship, said that the two could have been carried by the strong current floating further south of the Mindanao Sea where chances of being rescued were low.

Dumaguete Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) have suspended the search of the two foreigners, once confirmation of their rescue was made. Station Commander Lieutenant Junior Grade Donna Liza Ramancho said that the pump boat operator and instructor are to be summoned for further investigations. As of the moment, the two foreigners are back to their previous residential areas.

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