Green Passport program of DENR

The Department of Environment & Natural Resources or DENR in the new Negros Island Region have consecutively announced on their implementation of the “Green passport program” in the Region with the help of the newly assigned regional director of DENR, Al Orolfo.

What is the Green Passport program?

The “Green Passport program” was directly suggested by regional director Al Orolfo after reviewing the high potentials on the eco-tourism in Negros Island Region (NIR). During his recent visit here in Dumaguete City in order to meet the DENR officials and employees, he told interviewers on the suggestions he made on making the “Green Passport program” the key to a great community of NIR.

With the help of student’s pupils, teachers and a-like, the Green Passport program will help enhance the eco-tourism not only in Dumaguete City but also all over Negros. The DENR are mostly willing to help the youth become the ambassadors and eco-tourism entrepreneurs of this Green Passport program in the near future.

Involving the College students

The “Green Passport program” will aim at mostly college students who are willing to become the ambassadors and eco-tourism entrepreneurs of the said program. Both will be surely be benefited as the DENR will have the success of their project and the students a brighter livelihood and future.

Since the Department of Environment & Natural Resources are focusing on making the right change in the society of Region 18, the “Green Passport program” is just one step they will take to make the change happen.

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