Apo Island for better Eco-Tourism

Apo Island is known though out the world because of the pleasant diving and snorkeling destination they have in their little marine paradise. After two major typhoons hitting the sanctuaries of Apo Island back in 2011 and 2012, they took almost a year to rebuild and re-grow most of the marine habitats. The income for tourism on the island decreased in a good number.

Apo Island Eco-Tourism

With the implementation of the eco-tourism in Apo Island, the annual income of the island’s tourism rose to an estimation of 12 million pesos. Back in 1994, Apo Island’s yearly income would only reach 6 million, according to Jose Bryan Arranguez (the Community Relations Officer of the Apo Island Protected Landscape and Seascape of the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office here in Dumaguete City).

With the goal of reaching more than the said price, the island is implementing an agreed paying fee for all visitors to maintain Apo Island’s beauty. Composed of the government officers, private-sectors, and some non-government organizations, the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) have implement the agreed fees to improve the islands economic stands.

The fee agreement includes the payment of a hundred (Php 100) pesos for general admission fee, Php 25 for a Negros Oriental resident, P10 for Dauin residents and students from Negros Oriental, and P5 for senior citizens.

Snorkeler who wants to swim with the sea turtles at the designated marine turtles’ area have to pay for a guide at P300 (for maximum of five people), mask and snorkel at P100, and life jacket at P200, in case visitors do not bring one, said Arranguez.
Arranguez said that some tourists would complained about the said fees. Of course, the eco-tourism explained in details that the fees would go for the benefits of the island and its residence.

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