Silliman University in the Top 10 Philippine Law Schools

According to the Legal Education Board (LEB), Silliman University College of Laws is in the Top 10 of the best Law Schools in the Philippines. The Legal Education Board chairperson Hon. Hilarion L. Aquino said that the ranking is based on cumulative ratings of law schools in the Philippines in the Bar exams administered by the Supreme Court over a period of three year, from 2012 to 2014.

Silliman University top in many subjects

Silliman University is not only known for their academics in laws but also in Arts, Medicine, Accountancy, Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Economics, Nursing, Marine Science, Theology, Chemistry, English, Filipino, Public Administration and many more.

An individual can find a great learning experience in Silliman University for they have extended facilities such as the Silliman Zoo and the Silliman Beach. The rise of Silliman University has not shocked locals since they really focus on molding the minds of their students. They mold them not only intellectually but also physically and spiritually. Wonder no more for Silliman University has what it takes to be the best not only in Dumaguete City but also in the Philippines.

Silliman also offers a Juris Doctor program and has remained one of the proud superior law schools. In the past ten years, Silliman University has achieved two awards for being ranked fifth and seventh for being the best.

Congratulations to Silliman University for ranking as one of the best Schools of Law in the Philippines!


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