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Silliman University Goes on Strike

The Silliman University Faculty Association or SUFA went to a strike yesterday to settle the issues regarding their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the management. Over 180 teachers and faculty staff members joined in the said strike.

Strike for SUFA

The SUFA labor strike was composed of 189 teachers and faculty members to be exact from Silliman University. Since the first week of July, teachers and faculty staff members were taking ‘adaptive measures’ (as stated in their Facebook fan page) regarding CBA’s failure in addressing the needs of the teachers and staff members.

What did the SUFA needed?

According to GMA News Online, the SUFA members wanted the following:

  • A one-time bonus of P38,000.00
  • Across the board of P1,500.00 on the 2nd Year (effective June 1, 2017)
  • Across the board of P2,300.00 on the 3rd Year (effective June 1, 2018)
  • Christmas and Founder’s Day bonus
  • K-12 Transition Scholar’s Subsidy
  • Reduction in the class sizes in the Early Childhood (K1 and K2) and Elementary (G1 and G2) levels
  • Improvement in the retirement pay
  • Administration’s proposal of a Productivity Enhancement Incentive (14th month pay) without any conditions

To sum the list up, the SUFA wanted more convenience in working conditions and increase in their bonuses. With the implementation of the K-12, most schools around the Philippines have been adjusting to the system especially regarding the payroll for teachers and staff members.

Classes V.S. SUFA Strikes

Regardless of the SUFA labor strike, classes will remain unchanged to prior schedule as stated by the Silliman University Facebook fan page by SU Information and Publication Director Mark Raygan Garcia issued on July 18, 2017.

The post stated:

In response to queries from students and parents on the status of classes, due to rumors that the faculty union will stage a strike tomorrow, Silliman University reiterates that class schedules remain unchanged.

As earlier issued in an advisory, the Administration has made preparations, which include adaptive measures, to ensure the continued learning of our students. Learning activities will continue as scheduled tomorrow and on other days.

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