Childhood in the Philippines-Where We Really Stand

The release of ‘End of Childhood 2017’ report has showcased devastating news towards childhood in the Philippines. During the celebration of International Children’s Day last June 1, the Save the Children released the report stating that the Philippines ranked 97th out of 172 countries.

Philippines and Where It Stands

Ironically speaking, the Philippines has over seven thousand islands with many healthy volcanic soil and yet malnutrition is still a big factor dragging the country down. Children all over the Philippines find it hard to intake the required nutrients for a healthy life. Many say that the “children are the hope for tomorrow” and yet we live in a country where the children have no tomorrow.

Factors Affecting Childhood

Teenage pregnancy, malnutrition and poverty is one of the worst possible combo for childhood as referred by a case study of the report. Day by day the gap between the rich and the poor have gone further and further. Many Filipinos are not given the chance of quality education. As stated in the ‘Lack of Education Traps Children in Poverty’ portion of the report:

263 million children are out of school-that’s more than 1 in 6 school-aged children worldwide.

Other studies also show that among other Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines have fallen behind in everything (technology, education, economy and etc.) by more than “a kilometer andahalf”! Based on the report, Philippines has also managed to rank 9th in the top 10 countries that are home to the largest number of children under 5 years old who are severely stunted (unable to grow properly).

Every day, more than 1,600 children die before reaching their 5th birthday, mostly from preventable or treatable causes.

Read the full report here: End of Childhood 2017

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