Sidlakan Dance Company Wins in World Culture Dance Festival 2018

The Sidlakan Dance Company (SDC) represented Dumaguete City and the Philippines during the International Youth Fellowship’s (IYF) World Culture Dance Festival 2018 held in South Korea. The dance group brought home the bacon topping 15 other dance group representative all over the world.

World Culture Festival 2018

The International Youth Fellowship hold the World Culture Dance Festival annually in pursuit of the development of cultural values and talent through providing a place for international competition. The World Cultural Dance Festival is a place of harmony where the world’s best dance teams gather to exchange their cultures and develop a healthy mindset.

Sidlakan Dance Company of Dumaguete City

A group of 32-members called the Sidlakan Dance Company participated once more in the World Culture Festival competition. They won and received a cash price of Php 267,000 (US$ 5,000) and a glass trophy with their performance called “Fiesta sa Nayon”.

This is the second time that the Philippine won in an international dance festival competition. Back in 2015, the Sidlakan Dance Company of Dumaguete City won as the grand champion of the said event also held in South Korea.

The tradition of the Fiesta Sa Nayon dates back centuries to the rural areas and towns in the Philippines. During Fiesta Sa Nayon, Filipinos would gather for a fiesta in the middle of the town to celebrate a good harvest, and it would be a particular time for the people to focus on their neighbors, family, and friends,” said Vic June Nocete artistic director SDC.

Road to Success

The journey to become champions was not easy. Aside from undergoing several screening processes, the group lacked funds for airfare, costumes, and props for their performance. Here are some honorable mentions who helped fund the success of the SDC: Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo, Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Remollo, and Siaton town Mayor Fritz Diaz.

Watch the Sidlakan Dance Company “Fiesta sa Nayon” Performance below:

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