Renewal of Permits for Trike Drivers in Dumaguete

One of the main local and public transportation in Dumaguete City is the tricycles or trikes. According to city records, there are about 2,500 of these tricycles/trikes and an estimation of 5,000 drivers. Out of these 5,000 drivers, less than half have acquired to renew their Mayor’s Permit. Thus, endangering the safety of the public.

Trikes in Dumaguete

Trikes, tricycle or pedicab is a basic local transportation consisting of a normal motorbike with a sidecar attached to it. Four persons can be seated inside the sidecar and another three passengers behind the driver (maximum eleven person inside trike-including the driver).

According to records there about 5,000 trike drivers in Dumaguete City. But out of these 5,000 only 2,500 drivers bothered to secure and renew a mayor’s permit.

What is a Mayor’s Permit?

A mayor’s permit is a piece of paper that is either displayed or kept inside the transportation to ensure that the driver has underwent the different seminars made by the Traffic Management Office (TMO). This is also to secure that the driver has no criminal records and made their fair share of paying government taxes.

Trike Drivers in the City

Dumaguete City councilor Alan Cordova will be addressing this alarming news with appropriate punishments and penalties. As of today, only 491 drivers have renewed their mayor’s permits.

Tricycle drivers with sidecar number ending in 2, 3, 4 are not due to renew their permits until the end of February, while those with sidecar number ending in 5, 6, 7 must get the permits on March, and sidecar number ending in 8, 9, 0 are supposed to get permits on April.

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