e-Trikes in Negros Oriental

A forum on energy innovations was held in Dumaguete City yesterday attended by participants from different sectors.  Federico Domingo, Department of Energy (DOE) specialist, said that DOE is introducing three programs – the electronic tricycles (e-Trikes), auto-LPG and the natural gas vehicle program – and is pushing for the use of e-Trikes in the province, including Dumaguete City which has 2,500 tricycle units already plying the streets.  For the e-Trike, a rent-to-own scheme will give interested parties the chance to later own the unit, paying P450 as daily amortization/boundary.

E-Trikes a Heavy Financial Lift

Although the participants expressed their appreciation on the use of alternative sources of fuel, Cecil Yucor, president of the Federation of Dumaguete Motorcab Operators and Drivers Association (FEDUMCODA), said that the daily payment is quite heavy for the drivers who are currently paying between P250 to P300 for daily boundary.  This was seconded by Ed Du, president of the Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who also conveyed his concern regarding the capability of the drivers to pay a higher amount.

Domingo explained that the daily amortization includes comprehensive insurance, warranty of 5 years for the unit, provision of a service unit in case of breakdown, free registration with the Land Transportation Office for the first three years and repair and maintenance of the unit.

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