NEVER-Ending Story Part 8: Eco Park in Dumaguete

For more than a year, the NEVER-Ending Story was silent. Now, there is another chapter roaring the city of Dumaguete City. Back in 2017, Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo announced and even promised to solve the Candau-ay Dumpsite Issues. Through the years, the dumpsite was closed, denied closure, turned to a sanitary landfill, closed again, failed and even sued! Now, a new solution is made by the government administration…an Eco Park!

Smokey Mountain – Dumpsite or Sanitary Landfill?

The Candau-ay Dumpsite is known as the “Smokey Mountain” for a very good reason. Operating for more than 30 years, the residue of the garbage of Dumaguete has piled causing a very foul odor and even smoke. Residents near the area are suffering dur to lack of fresh air. In 2017, Dumaguete Mayor announced that he will solve the problem by closing the dumpsite and making a new sanitary landfill.  

Eco Park & Waste Processing Facility

After years of trying to solve the Candau-ay Dumpsite in Dumaguete, the government administration decided to build an Eco Park. Dumaguete City engineers and their assistants mark the layout and borders for the said Eco Park. The proposed Php 7 million Central Materials Recovery Facility that will be constructed inside the 8-hectare City Ecological Park and Waste Processing Facility in Barangay Candau-ay. The central MRF resembles a large gymnasium that can accommodate several garbage trucks that will unload the trash to be sorted as recyclables, organic waste, and non-recyclables or residual wastes.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo said that once the Material Recovery Facility is completed, all the waste pickers from the present Candau-ay dumpsite will be relocated there upon the closure of the decades-old open pit.

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