New Tour Buses in Cebu

The Department of Tourism in the Central Visayas are aiming to increase their tourism rates with the three newly launched buses for the Cebu Association of Tour Operation Specialists. Urged for upgrades in tourism bus operators are being made.

Good Impression for Cebu

Upgrading the units of different tour operations will help improve the good impression Cebu offers to their tourists. According to the past president of the Cebu Association of Tour Operation Specialists, Edilberto Mendoza, he would ‘gladly accept the challenge’. With the total amount of cost for the upgrades, it is hard to find investors willing to fulfill the required huge capital. Mendoza said that each bus unit will cost between Php 8 million to Php 10 million.

Different problems are being faced as well aside from the “old” bus units. Defective air conditioning systems and (smelly & faulty) tour guide microphones are causing an embarrassment to Mendoza.

According to the chairman of Cebu Integrated Transport Service Cooperative- Ryan Benjamin Yu, it was never their intention to upgrade the tourist buses since their establishment in 2012. However, with the continuous growth of flight at the Mactan Cebu International Airport, expansion is needed to complement the growth.

Tour Buses Franchise

Regional franchises from Cebu to Bohol, Siquijor and Negros Oriental are being applied soon as mentioned by the Cebu Integrated Transport Service Cooperative. With this, tourism in the Central Visayas is expected to increase with ease.

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